Nice to meet you all.

If anyone tries to capture me,
I'll incinerate their brain.

i'm laura :

artist, costumer, prop-maker, and Chicagoan

…which makes me neurotic, ruled by to-do lists, constantly injured, and crazy stubborn.

Let me help!

Need something for the upcoming convention season?

I make things pretty


Specializing in armor, SFX makeup, and things that look like there’s no way in hell they could possibly work in real life.


Hand-casted gems, wire-wrapped jewelry, chainmail, guns, and big ass swords.

One of a kind art

Sculpture, illustration, design…whatever job you have, I’ll make it pretty. (Or scary, if that’s what you’re into.)

Latest ramblings
  • Maya - ACen 2013 [photo © Photo Tsumi]

Pay to (cos)play

Who's ready for a rant? It's been a while and I've got some pent up aggression. I'm about due.
  • Lilith the Firehawk

Critique for the Wicked

A few weeks ago, some poor soul on tumblr made an ill-advised decision to "analyze" the women of Borderlands.
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