Much as I try to ignore it, the holidays come back every year. And since we’ve survived Black Friday (or at least most of us have, anyway) the shopping craze is in full-swing. So what do you get for the planeswalker in your life?

Cards, obviously.

Boring, I know. Not because they wouldn’t appreciate them, of course! Because if there’s anything a Magic player loves, it’s the smell of a freshly opened booster pack… *sigh* But what if you want to get more creative? Here are some alternatives to the normal gifts that will be sure to please any Magic fan.


Magic is well-known for its awesome art. (That’s actually a large part of why a lot of people got into the game, myself included.) Lucky for us, most of the amazing artists that work on the cards offer prints of their work. My personal favorites that have a wide variety of prints available are Noah Bradley, Steve Argyle, and Eric Deschamps. Prices tend to start as low as $10 or $20 for smaller prints and go well over $100 if you want to plaster a huge Liliana Vess on your wall. Not that I would want to do that or anything… ¬_¬

Noah Bradley - Mizzium Mortars Steve Argyle - Admonition Angel Eric Deschamps - Aether Adept


In a brilliant marketing move that should have been done a long time ago, Wizards finally started making official MtG shirts. Capitalizing on the popularity of Ravnica, they started with guild shirts. And much to my surprise (and delight) they actually look pretty sweet! For only $20 a piece, you can pick up one for yourself, too. They’re even available in women’s sizes! (*gasp!*)

Rakdos shirtPlaneswalker ShirtDimir shirt


Sleeves and deck boxes are always useful gifts, and you could buy standard ones by UltraPro…but where’s the fun in that? Head over to Leifkicker’s Etsy shop and grab a custom deck box! If I don’t get this skull one for Christimas this year, I’m not going to be a happy mage. Killing Wave’s for everyone.

Skull deck box by Leifkicker Jace deck box by Leifkicker Companion Cube deck box by Leifkicker


Because the only thing that makes Magic night better is a really cold, really good beer, in a really awesome glass, Etsy user WhupGlass printed up some mana symbol pint glasses. Pick up your color of choice, and poke around in the shop too – there are all sorts of game and geek-themed glasses and mugs. (Dibs on the Borderlands ones!)

Mountain pint glass by WhupGlass Swamp pint glass by WhupGlass


Whether it’s for an EDH Commander or just a favorite card, card alters are always fun to have. Some WotC artists offer card customization (including Steve Argyle) but most only offer that at events or at specific times during the year. But the community, in all its awesomeness, is full of extremely talented people that offer commissions for both regular and 3d alters – check out and to commission a personalized card or two.

Liliana of the Veil alter by Steve Argyle Emrakul alter by Ambassador Laquatus alter from


Etsy is just full of incredible artisans creating an inventory of things apparently serving only to completely deplete my bank account. (It’s as bad as Kickstarter for me lately.) During my endless meandering around the site, I’ve stumbled upon a handful of MtG jewelry makers. Check out these mana symbol necklaces by Android Sheep, polymer mana earrings available in different gauges from Soulbound Jewellery, and the Storm Crow necklace and earrings from Alopex Studios. Since everything’s better with Storm Crow. (:

Mana symbol necklaces from Android Sheep Mountain earring by Soulbound Jewellery Storm Crow jewelry by Alopex Studios

I hope that helped! …or gave you ideas for things to put on your own wishlists. Happy shopping, kids! (And just in case you were wondering, I’m a size small, and wear up to a 4g earring. ^_^ )