Hawkeye : The Avengers

Hawkeye : The Avengers

July 14, 2012

Whew. Ok. This costume was kind of a whirlwind. Roughly two weeks before SDCC, some friends asked if I wanted to be part of a genderbent Avengers (AvengHers, if you will) – they thought I’d make the perfect Hawkeye. I’m not usually a fan of genderbending, but he’s my favorite so I couldn’t resist. At the time, I was trying to finish my my master’s research project, and I vowed not to start on any of this costume until I was totally finished with that. …which gave me about 48 hours to put this whole thing together.

In terms of construction, the costume was relatively simple. Pants and boots were purchased and worn as-is, top was altered and given a S.H.I.E.L.D. patch. I covered a bra, made the shoulder pads, and had the belt from my Lilith costume. The wrist guards and finger tabs were mostly made of craft foam, styrene, electrical tape, and elastic. I chopped tips off of real arrows to put in the quiver, which was made of cardboard and foam – and is easily my favorite part of this costume.

I actually like how this turned out. I liked designing something that felt right; say what you will about Rule 63/genderbent cosplay, this really was a challenge to decide what they would have put Hawkeye in if he were a girl instead, but make sure I wasn’t confused with Kate Bishop. In the end I was comfortable, I had fun, and it got a great reception. (As an added bonus, my arms/back got a pretty sweet workout from all that posing.)

Hawkeye (genderbent)
The Avengers