Lilith and Mordecai : Borderlands

  • Lilith and Mordecai [photo ┬ę R. Ladao]

Lilith and Mordecai : Borderlands

May 10, 2010
  • The wig started white, and was trimmed and then hand-colored with permanent markers. I used four different colors, and (surprisingly enough) only went through three red markers for the whole thing. I couldn’t believe it! The downside to this was that since there’s that gradient that I didn’t want to lose, I couldn’t rinse it with cold water – so I had a red forehead for a day or so. ­čśŤ
  • Tank top and zip-up shirt were thrift store finds, and the vest was made from a jacket I totally dismantled for the material. Gray jeans were from Target, chaps were made from torn apart thrift store pants. Bracelets made from scratch, gloves made from a pair of airsoft gloves we had laying around. Belts and miscellaneous pouches were military surplus.
  • Boots were purchased, and armor was craft foam and styrene. Belts were made from the same leather as Mord’s vest/hood.
  • Tattoos were done differently each of the three times I wore this – either permanent marker+alcohol, eyeliner+eyeshadow, or some combination of all of those.
  • The mask pattern was drafted from scratch. I started over twice…which was a waste of good leather. Anton was a patient model though, so it turned out ok in the end. He wears glasses, so we actually figured out a way for him to still have those on under the mask AND the goggles. I was impressed with him.
  • Vest was patterned and made from scratch, shirt was heavily altered, pants and boots were sweet thrift store finds, and his pouches and accessories were all military surplus. The chest strap for his holster was a frankenstein job from a tactical backpack type thing.
  • I made the dreadlocks and goatee out of wool roving. It was my first time making dreads, and they turned out surprisingly well.
  • The square metal piece on the holster that goes around his chest is actually hand-welded. I couldn’t find one I liked, so we had to make it.
  • Gauntlet thing was leather, craft foam, styrene and velcro.
  • My favorite part of both of these costumes is the sword on his back, and we have precisely ONE photo of it. Ah, so it goes…
  • Saturday morning at ACen 2010 we meandered around Artist’s Alley until we found enough materials to make a Bloodwing. He was made out of a small black beanbag and these really beautiful feathers. Whenever someone asked, “Where’s Bloodwing?!” he’d pull it out of his pocket and throw it at them. (: For Wizard World 2011 I made a tiny Bloodwing to sit on his shoulder. (She later got a makeover for Bl2 Mordecai.)

This was my first costume project, and I swear, I ate, slept, and bled these costumes for four straight days. …not to mention the planning for the weeks before that. Sure, there are things I wanted to update and change and repair, and I may look at parts now and cringe…but I was so proud of these.

They held up so well, I was shocked. It wasn’t until we were literally stepping off the stage after receiving our Best Group award at ACen that Mordecai’s leg light started to flicker, and my holster almost fell off entirely. Perfect. (:

  • Our lights are glow sticks that have on/off switches, which was amazing. They’re supposed to be emergency things, but they were PERFECT for this.
  • The guns are modified NERF guns. Anton┬áspraypainted them a flat gray and I did all the detail work and coloring.