Maya and Mordecai : Borderlands 2

Maya and Mordecai : Borderlands 2

April 27, 2013

So here’s the thing about Maya. After doing all my research on her, I discovered that her overall look is very climbing-inspired – from the grip on her shoes, to the type of pants she’s wearing, to the wired stopper hanging from the locking carabiner on her belt, she’s built to climb. So everything in this was made with that in mind. She needed flexibility and durability…and that’s totally what I had, with the shoes, the glove, the bodysuit and pants materials – I could go climbing in this right now and do just fine. (Except for you know, the fact that I don’t know how to climb.)

  • Boots! Her boots. I love them. They were probably the one true labor of love in all of this. Built around climbing boots, I made everything from scratch – including the soling. The 14 hours I spent making them almost seem worth it.
  • I commissioned the amazing bodysuit through the wonderful Heather at Corsetiere, because I knew I wouldn’t have the time or patience to figure it out…and I hate sewing. She did an amazing job, and so quickly, too! It’s built over a Capezio leotard. Materials include wetlook spandex, standard lycra, sport mesh, and mini mesh.
  • To come:
    • Flame of the Firehawk, Leech, Hellfire, led digistruct

I’m convinced that Anton actually is Mordecai sometimes. So it’s nice that this costume is finally on its way to being where I want it to be.

  • Boots started off as black German-made tanker boots, added detail with Worbla, and painted with acrylics.
  • The shoulder pad/armor was my first time working with EVA foam – I’d call it a success! His sword was my second time working with it – also a relative success! Love this material, now I just have to get better with a Dremel tool. (And find some metallic silver paint I actually like.)
  • Baby Bloodwing got a makeover the night/morning before we left for ACen, and she’s even more adorable now. ♥
  • To come:
    • New digistruct, Trespasser, and a full-size, cable-controlled Bloodwing

It’s no secret that prop-making is the part of costuming that I enjoy the most, so I kind of went bonkers with some of the stuff for this project. I used a lot of new materials, made up a lot of my own techniques, and only sustained two injuries in the process! Like a boss.

Bullet Witch class mod:

  • This is a real book that was painstakingly hollowed out so not only would it be lighter and easier to hang on my belt, but also so I could use it for storage. Win!
  • The sigil is actually burned into the cover, which gives it a really nice texture.
  • This was the first thing I officially completed for these costumes (why I started here, I have no idea) and it’s still my favorite piece. I’ll be making all ten of the other mods in the future! 

Baby Bloodwing:

  • Blood started out as a 3am project the night before Wizard World back in 2010 stuck around long enough to become a 3am project the night before ACen. Happy I took the time to rebuild her, though. She’s a good stand-in until I get the full-size Blood done, and she makes me smile every time I look at her. (:
  • She’s mostly made of feathers, craft foam, styrene, and hot glue. …and her little head is on a pipe cleaner, so it bobbles around and is adorable. 

Mordecai’s sword:

  • First time making a weapon out of EVA foam, and I’m decently happy with the results.
  • Scabbard (though it’s mostly covered by the red cloth) is accurate to the BL2 version in both design and size, which makes my Mord a lot more comfortable. 

Rakk Ale bottle:

  • I did my best to find references for the bottle Mordy drinks from, but eventually said, “Screw it” and did my own thing. I may have gotten carried away when designing it…but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of these costumes! 

Canteen + Goggles:

  • Couldn’t find a canteen in the size I wanted, so I made it myself out of Worbla, then covered it with canvas.
  • Goggles were built up around an existing frame with Model Magic, Worbla, and tears. (Quite literally – I gave myself a second degree burn while making these.)
  • Ear pieces made with EVA foam. They’re comfortable for him, which really made me happy, since that was such an issue with his last pair.



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