Sadi-chan and Crocodile : One Piece

Sadi-chan and Crocodile : One Piece

April 19, 2012

I learned three important things during this costume.

  • Don’t start a complicated costume three days before the con.
  • 2-way stretch PVC is not the best choice for pants. (Of course my options were limited. See number 1.)
  • PVC + a cape + 2 wigs + 80 degrees = HOT

That said, I had a lot of fun as Sadi-chan. We met some awesome One Piece people, and despite starting this so late, it came together pretty well.

This was my first time drafting a pattern completely from scratch, and it wasn’t a total failure. I just really need to learn to start out easy when learning new things; I tend to just jump right in and drive myself crazy. And I wonder why I hate sewing so much…

Horns were styrofoam covered in pvc, attached to a headband hidden under the wig(s). Yes…I was wearing two wigs for most of the day – Sadi’s got a lot of hair! It was a bear to deal with though, so I didn’t last more than a few hours in them both.

Well from Sadi-chan, I learned not to start a costume three days before the con. I started this one the day before. Oops?

It would have been done in like, an hour if it weren’t for that damn hook. If my wonderful Croc here wants to wear this again, I’ll likely redo that. It was a styrofoam ball hollowed out with a handle mounted inside, then covered in a really thick 2-way stretch PVC. …again with the 2-way stretch. When will I learn?

Ascot was made from scratch, shirt and coat were altered, pants, belt, and shoes worn as-is, costume rings were painted to be the right colors. Easy to throw together!

He really enjoyed this costume. Of course Crocodile is a badass, and it was a lot easier to wear than Mordecai was!

One Piece