So it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to write, which I guess means I’ve been busy…which is a good thing? Yea. Good thing. I’ve got some more normal posts in progress, but while I’m finishing those, let’s do the news, shall we?

Interview with Geek Girls

I got the chance to sit down with Jillian of Geek Girls and talk a bit about my costuming, which was really exciting. I’m super flattered that they thought enough of my work to do this whole feature on me; there’s nothing better than pouring your time and effort into something and having that recognized, particularly by such a large group with a massive audience.

As an artist, all I really want to do is share what I’ve created, and I can’t thank Jillian and the rest of the awesome ladies there enough for the chance to do that. Make sure to check out the interview, and give them some love for supporting my work!


My web shop should be open next month! I’ve been trying to get more items ready to put up for sale, but I’ve been bogged down with some contract work. (Ah, the life of a freelancer…) My plan is to keep this store pretty low-key. I’ll have a rotating stock and allow for custom orders, but (unfortunately) costuming is not my full-time job, so it’ll be a lot of one-of-a-kind items. But that’s a lot more fun, right? I’m really looking forward to sharing more of my work, and hopefully fitting more time into my schedule for creating cool stuff.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to get any of the 11 Siren Class Mods, Baby Bloodwings, and lots of other items totally handmade by me and customized for you!

New York Comic Con

And finally, in super-awesome news, I’ll be heading out to NYCC this year with Anton, courtesy of C5studio, creators of the award-winning Tainted Love. I’ve never been to NY, so I’m stoked to get out there and see how the East Coast does cons; it’ll be interesting to compare it to my experiences here and out at SDCC. We’ll be bringing Maya and Mordecai with us, as well as our newest costumes, which brings me to…

What I’m working on

It’s no secret that I’m a gigantic fan of Magic: the Gathering so it should come as no surprise that I’ve had a rather large Magic project in the works for some time: the aptly named Planeswalker Pantheon. I’ve managed to bribe convince 14 of my friends (at last count) into letting me turn them into planeswalkers. But really, who would pass up on that chance? The art of Magic is without a doubt some of the most impressive fantasy work out there, and I was immediately struck by the designs of the various planeswalkers. I knew had to make them real.

So who better to start with than my girl…

Liliana Vess

I starting working on Liliana last summer (procrastinator, I know) and have deliberately taken things really slowly with her. This is kind of a dream costume, so obviously every decision has becomes a life-altering event.

Because I’m fucking neurotic.

Lili’s corset is already done, and was constructed by the masterful hands of Heather Garry of Corsetière (who is also responsible for my Maya bodysuit). I spent far too long searching for just the right fabric with just the right pattern, and in the end opted to forego the pattern, stick with a solid, and when I have everything together, maybe, just maaaaaybe I’ll paint the pattern on myself. Not quite sold on that one yet.

So at the moment, I’m knee deep in wire-wrapping and chainmail-weaving. My wig came in two weeks ago and is fantastic, heat-transfer vinyl for the gold trim should arrive today, my contacts should be here on Friday (and better look awesome – this is the third pair I’m trying, and I’m growing tired of this process), I’m going for a boot fitting in two weeks (custom boots, yo), and things are kind of sort of moving along.

I’m hoping to have her headdress finished next week and I’m gonna try to take some Chain Veil progress shots, so make sure to check out my tumblr for updates!

But Lili won’t be making the trek to New York alone – she needs a minion to do all the heavy lifting, obviously! So Liliana of the Veil will be accompanied by…


This might be the reason I’m not actually further along with Liliana, honestly. I know she’s hot and everything, but just look at him!

That arm.
It’s been calling me.

It’s not entirely common knowledge that I actually have an MS in Biomedical Visualization…which is a really fancy way of saying I do medical and scientific illustration and animation. I’m sure you can imagine now why my eyes lit up when I saw Tezzeret’s arm. The bone structure, the organic shapes, the seemingly impossible design…I’m in love!

I just ordered roughly $250 worth of Worbla that will be here by the end of the week, allowing me to finally start on this beast. This’ll be my first major armor project, and I’m really looking forward to it. The amount of sewing is limited, and it’ll allow me to really focus on fabricating his…everything. Anton’s taking on the task of handling the electronics for this, which will be a huge help; I’m not sure I can tackle everything myself this time.

He’s gonna look so cool. The goal is to have these done by September 3 to enter in Wizard’s Ignite Your Spark contest, and then hopefully get a shoot in before we have to ship them off to NY! Mike (Photo Tsumi) and I are planning to make a trek out to Starved Rock to shoot Tezzeret specifically…I can’t wait to see what he can do in that setting!

And that brings us to the end of our news “wreakap!” I’m off to bury myself in sketches and overwhelming to-do lists.

…and hopefully not have another meltdown when I start to think of traveling with these costumes.